Hair Cutting

Are you looking to get refreshed, wanting a new style, or preparing for an event? Our talented stylists will make you look and feel amazing. Perfect experience in Kevay Salon includes shampooing, conditioning treatment, hair cut & styling and more. If you need a consultation our experts are ready to make professional recommendations to help you gain the look you desire.

Prices may vary

Bang Trim - $5

Braid - $10+

Color Extensions - $5 Each

Extensions - $80+

Women's Hair Cut - $50

Men's Hair Cut - $25

Kid's Hair Cut (Under 12) - $25

Kid's Hair (13-16) - $35

Hair Styling

Blowout - $20

Weekend Blowout - $25

Blowout with Curl Iron - $35

Extreme Blowout - $30

Curls or Iron Only - $20

Updo - $80+

Hair Coloring - Balayage - Ombre

Hair Color

Add shine, dimension, and texture to your hair. Our hair color experts will make the special formula your hair needs to look natural and appealing. Whether your tresses need to be lighter or darker, our colorists offer range of services that will accomplish the look you desire from single process, double process, gloss, full highlights, lowlights, color corrections and more.

Balayage - Hair Painting

A technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated,
natural-looking effect.


Having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.

Half Head Highlights - $95+

Full Head Highlights - $115+

Face Frame or Panel - $5 Each

Low Light per Foil - $5 Each

Single Process - $50

Glaze Alone - $45

Clear Glaze - $10

Glaze with Color - $10

Ombre/Balayage - $150+

Hair Line - $25

Half Head with Single - $145+

Full Head with Single - $165+

Hair Treatments

Is your hair dry, distressed or too thin? Our specialists will pamper your hair with a special treatment to meet your needs. We use only the best ingredients to indulge your hair and scalp.

Kevay Salon has the next generation hair salon ventilation system for Keratin services. The Aerovex Chemical Source Capture System with new Health Air™ technology is designed specifically to remove formaldehyde vapors from the breathing zone. Our Keratin services will be performed with the Chemical Source Capture system in conjunction with the Aerovex System room Air Purifier. This insures that the chemical vapor will not be in the salon and will provide a safe environment for our customers and stylists.

24 Hours - $99+

Brazilian Blowout - $175+

Lasio - $175+

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